Curating Adaptive Sampling input files for MinKNOW

The following short workflow will prepare and download the necessary files to perform an Adaptive Sampling sequence experiment selecting for reads that span genes, transcripts, exons, etc. stored within ensembl.

To begin to prepare the files, simply select a species from the dropdown below.

To produce efficiently reasonable target regions please provide an average read length. This should be an arithmetic mean not an N50 length. After pressing play here you will be given the opportunity to select your genome of interest from a drop-down box.

When the above code has finished executing a table will be displayed detailing the number of regions of interest.

Also shown are paths to the output files:

  1. A reference genome (to provide to MinKNOW)
  2. The source .gtf file from which target regions were produced.
  3. A .bed file containing target regions to provide to MinKNOW.

These can be downloaded through your web browser by using the filebrowser to the left-hand side of this page.