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EPI2ME Labs 22.07.02 Release
Stephen Rudd
Stephen Rudd
July 27, 2022
1 min

Dear Nanopore Community,

Our workflow for SARS-CoV-2 genome analysis, wf-artic, has been updated to version v0.3.18. This release includes updates to the Pangolin and Nextclade software components and ensures that the most recent SARS-CoV-2 strains can be reported. Further details may be found from the workflow changelog. This update is synchronised with an EPI2ME release. EPI2ME Fastq QC+ARTIC+NextClade is now available with version v2022.07.19.

We have released a freshly named workflow, wf-transcriptomes, with version v0.1.4 that replaces the earlier wf-isoforms product. Included in this release is new functionality for fusion transcript detection - these analyses are performed using the JAFFA software.

Example datasets are now provided through the EPI2ME Labs GUI for the wf-artic and wf-transcriptomes workflows. Press the “Workflow demo” button at the top of the workflow page and the workflow design will be populated with a small pre-packaged dataset. These updates require an update to both the EPI2ME Labs software (v3.1.3) and the epi2melabs-notebook container (v1.1.30).

We look forwards to any feedback and welcome suggestions and recommendations for future workflows, tutorials, or new functionality to include in EPI2ME Labs.



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