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ONT Open Datasets
September 01, 2020
1 min
ONT Open Datasets

The Oxford Nanopore Technologies Open Data (ont-open-data) provides reference sequencing data from ONT sequencing devices.

The data are freely available to all and can be used for:

  1. Exploration of the characteristics of nanopore sequence data,
  2. Assessment and reproduction of performance benchmarks,
  3. Example datasets for analysis on EPI2ME, Oxford Nanopore Technologies’ cloud compute infrastructure,
  4. Development of tools and methods.

The data deposited showcases DNA sequences from a representative subset of sequencing chemistries. The datasets correspond to publicly-available reference samples (e.g. GM24385 as reference human). Raw data are provided with metadata and scripts to describe sample and data provenance.

Latest datasets and analyses

The list below represents the most recent dataset or analysis of its class. As new datasets, basecallers, and analysis methods are developed this list will change.

  • May 2021 Rebasecalling of the November 2020 data release with Guppy v5.0.6
  • Structural variation calling of the November 2020 release.
  • Small variant calling of the September 2020 release.
  • Cytosine modification in matched bisulfite and nanopore sequencing.

We strive to keep all analyses current, though some may fall behind the more current sequencing runs and basecalling results.

Archived datasets

The following datasets remain available from the repository but should be considered deprecated.

Data access

All data is available under from the Registry of Open Data on AWS. See the ONT Open Data Tutorials page for more information.

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