EPI2ME Labs Blog Revamp
Chris Wright
Chris Wright
May 17, 2021
1 min

Previous users of this webpage will have noticed things have changed a little. Gone is the purely functional style, replaced with a very more more vibrant look besetting of the rapid software development undertaken of the EPI2ME Labs team.

Our new site aims to consolidate the previous EPI2ME Labs site with the Oxford Nanopore Open Data site into a single unified confluence of open science from ONT. We have arranged the homepage to provide quick access to the three major offerings:

  • EPI2ME Labs Notebooks - our integrated bioinformatics analysis environment powered by JupyterLab
  • EPI2ME Labs Workflows - our selection of tailored Nextflow analyses for Nanopore sequeuncing data, scalable from running on a desktop to running in the cloud.
  • Oxford Nanopore Open Dataset - a selection of datasets published by Oxford Nanopore Technologies from in-house sequencing of selected samples.

We have quick links to each of these sections at the top and bottom of the website.

Finally, should you like any of our content and wish to share it on social media, we have added quick links to do this at the bottom of each blog entry.

Share content easily on social media

Blog posts are now also categorised for easy browsing of related content. At the bottom of all posts you will also now find a selection of related posts for further reading. The categories are displayed on the home page as well as being navigable from posts in each category; just click the colour tab at the top of any posts to see more posts in that category

Posts are collected in categories

Together with broad categories we are now tagging posts with additional themes to futher collect together content.

Posts are also tagged with themes

We hope you like the look of our new site and that it make our content easier to find an share.

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