London calling datasets 2024

May 21, 2024
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London calling datasets 2024

We are excited to share these datasets which can be used to explore features of some of our workflows and the EPI2ME Desktop Application.

You may have seen one of our posters at an event (like London Calling 2024) and followed a link to find the dataset that was featured in the poster. Alternatively, please take a look at the associated posters linked below.

Also, please see the tutorials page for information on downloading the datasets.


At London Calling 2024 we are making available a suite of datasets to illustrate how routine and simple biological questions may be answered with Oxford Nanopore Technologies’ sequencing devices and data analysis through bioinformatics workflows provided through EPI2ME.

Data setDescriptionDownload addressAssociated posterEPI2ME Workflow
ZymoBIOMICS Fecal ReferenceHigh diversity metagenomic sample to perform gut microbiome studies from ZymoBIOMICSs3://ont-open-data/londoncalling2024/zymo-metagenomicsA straightforward approach to find out what is in your
PlasmidDemultiplexed plasmid samples (5 replicates) containing an inserted sequence of 7merss3://ont-open-data/londoncalling2024/rbk-plasmidValidating a molecular cloning experiment using de novo assembly of nanopore
Lambda and E. coliSelection of 5 amplicons with lengths between 500 and 5000 bp (0.5, 1, 2 and 5 kb from Lambda phage 1kb from E .coli)s3://ont-open-data/londoncalling2024/lambda-ecoli-ampliconsQuick and simple analysis of PCR products with Nanopore

All of our workflows include a demonstration dataset available through the “Run with demo data” option in our EPI2ME Desktop application, and detailed in the workflow source code repositories. We also have many other open data sets available here. Moreover, you can find example reports and links to extensive explanatory documentation for each of our workflows here.

Further information

For additional information or questions regarding any of these resources please contact

We hope that these datasets and posters provide a useful resource to the community!




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