London is Calling EPI2ME Labs

By Matt Parker
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May 12, 2022
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London is Calling EPI2ME Labs

London Calling 2022 is now only a week away and we wanted to give you some pointers on how you can get in touch with EPI2ME Labs team both online and in person in the Live Lounge. Some of the team are very excited to be attending their 1st conference in person since before the start of the pandemic and we have our shiny new local bioinformatics platform, “EPI2ME Labs” to show you all. If you’re not attending in person then the team will be available online for the duration of the conference and can be reached through the LC2022 platform.

More information about London Calling 2022, how to register, and the jam packed agenda can be found on the conference website: Please take a look!

The Team

Chris Wright

  • In Person: Thursday, Friday

Our esteemed leader, talk to him about anything Oxford Nanopore, he’s been around for 10 years and has a wealth of knowledge about the platform and how to get the best out of your Oxford Nanopore data analysis.

Stephen Rudd

  • In Person: Thursday, Friday

Often found somewhere in the woods poking bears, he’s taking a break and will be in London for both Thursday and Friday. Stephen is your go to for any bioinformatics related enquiries.

Tom Rich

  • Online: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Want to know why we chose Nextflow? Or what the internal name for EPI2ME Labs is? Talk to Tom. He’s been working with Chris on development of the EPI2ME Labs interface. If you have questions on use or suggestions for improvements don’t hesitate to contact him online.

Sarah Griffiths

  • Online: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Love plasmid/construct sequencing? So does Sarah! Talk to her about how you can replace Sanger sequencing with Oxford Nanopore sequencing and get full length assemblies of your plasmids with wf-clone-validation. Sarah is also our Windows expert, so if you’re having trouble with EPI2ME Labs and Windows, Sarah will be able to help!

Matt Parker

  • Online: Wednesday, Friday
  • In Person: Thursday

Come talk to me about your SARS-CoV-2 sequencing workflows, clinical bioinformatics workflows and other general workflow related matters.

Neil Horner

  • Online: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Got RNA data? Talk to Neil. He’s been developing some of our RNA sequencing workflows. He can also help you with general workflow related questions.

Sam Nicholls

  • Online: Wednesday, Thursday
  • In Person: Friday

Of COG-UK fame, Sam joins us hot off the SARS-CoV-2 sequencing production line. You can talk to him about all things workflow related, and how he’s getting on with the transition to macOS.




Matt Parker

Matt Parker

Director, Clinical Bioinformatics Software

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