London Calling 2023

By Matt Parker
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May 11, 2023
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London Calling 2023

As is tradition we wanted to let you know how you can connect with the EPI2ME Labs team both online and in person at what is looking like a typically cloudy London Calling 2023. There are some of the same old faces and some brand new ones to help you with your data analysis needs.

London Calling Weather Forecast
We're expecting a cloudy London Calling 2023.

Highlights from the team include:

  • Chris Wright giving you all a big fat helping of data for breakfast on Friday morning.
  • Natalia Garcia, Stephen Rudd and I demoing metagenomics and bacterial genomes in the live lounge on Thursday afternoon.
  • Stephen Rudd’s bioinformatics workshop on Wednesday (now sold out).

If you’re not attending in person then some of the team will be available online for the duration of the conference and can be reached through the LC2023 platform.

More information about London Calling 2023, how to register for online attendance (in person is SOLD OUT), and the jam packed agenda can be found on the conference website: Please take a look!

The in-person team

The following you can find in person on the days indicated:

Chris Wright

  • In Person: Thursday, Friday

Not only serving up some data for breakfast Chris will be hanging around the EPI2ME demos to guide you on our best practice bioinfomatics workflows.

Stephen Rudd

  • In Person: Thursday, Friday

Our bioinformatics product manager knows everything there is to know about what we offer for the analysis of ONT data, he’ll be there to answer any of your questions.

Tom Rich

  • In Person: Thursday, Friday

Tom will be on hand to show off all new features of EPI2ME Labs in person so if you have any feedback, bug reports, feature requests then be sure to track him down!

Sirisha Hesketh

  • In Person: Friday
  • Online: Wednesday, Thursday

Clinical bioinformatician responsible for short tandem repeat calling and copy number calling in wf-human-variation.

Matt Parker

  • In Person: Thursday, Friday

I’ll be there to talk about your viral sequencing needs, SARS-CoV-2, Influenza, Monkeypox and clinical application of our technology.

Sam Nicholls

  • In Person: Thursday, Friday

Lead developer of our do it all workflow for the detection of human variation Sam can answer all you questions on how to get the best out of wf-human-variation as well as other infrastructure related STUFF.

Natalia Garcia

  • In Person: Thursday
  • Online: Wednesday,Friday

New to the team this year Natalia brings with her loads of metagenomics experience and has been polishing our metagenomics workflow.

The online team

Sarah Griffiths

  • Online: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Sarah still looks after our most popular workflow - plasmid sequencing analysis, wf-clone-validation. Fine her online if you have any questions about plasmid sequencing on ONT.

Andrea Talenti

  • Online: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Andrea is developing our workflow for the detection of somatic variation which currently detects SNPs and Indels but more is coming soon!

Julian Libiseller-Egger

  • Online: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Another new team member Julian has just released our amplicon sequencing workflow.

Lucia Estelles

  • Online: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Clinical bioinformatician working on our regulatory compliance, if you have questions on how we are developing our workflows to meet ISO/IEC standards then Lucia will be happy to help online.

Neil Horner

  • Online: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Neil has been busy adding our single cell workflow to our suite of RNA sequencing analysis tools. He’ll be available online to answer any of your questions on this or our other RNA workflows.




Matt Parker

Matt Parker

Director, Clinical Bioinformatics Software

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The in-person team
The online team

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